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It’s true! We’re celebrating 20 years of offering Ontario students a chance to learn, grow, and perform through dance—and we’d like to invite you to be a part of our ongoing vision. 

Last year, when the pandemic arrived, Ontario Secondary School DANCEFEST pivoted quickly to support dance educators across Ontario. Our annual live spring event became a virtual festival. We developed new, biweekly educational resources for teachers to use in their blended and online learning classes. Let’s Dis-Dance DANCEFEST 2021 was a great success! DANCEFEST 2022 will be virtual again and we want to continue expanding our resource offerings by creating edu-DANCE-on!

Our Mission

To provide inclusive, encouraging, and empowering opportunities for dance learners, educators, and artists to explore and collaborate within the artform of dance as learners move through elementary to postsecondary, and beyond.


Since September 2020, we have provided bi-monthly workshops that can be accessed anytime online. The workshops contain assignments, lectures, lesson plans and a video lead by one of our professional workshop leaders. All videos include a warm-up and an original choreographed combo to learn!


In May 2021, we went virtual! DANCEFEST switched to an online platform in order to host our annual event, and to keep students and teachers safe during the global pandemic. Making the switch has allowed us to reach more students, providing a learning opportunity and inclusion for those who might not have been able to join us in the past at our live events; we have increased by over 1500% since going virtual.

More to Come

We are currently planning a new way to showcase dance with a blended format of in-person events and online events, once it’s safe to do so. We believe inclusion and education are extremely important to a students growth, and will be releasing plans in the near future.

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Your financial support will help us continue making dance a vital, creative force for Ontario students and educators. edu-DANCE-on! will create new workshops, 4 new live teacher workshops and a collaborative live workshop at DANCEFEST 2023.