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Board Members

Katie Knowlton, President of OSSDF

Katie Knowlton

Meghan Kidd, Vice President of OSSDF

Meghan Kidd

Laurel Brown, Past-President of OSSDF

Laurel Brown

Founder and Past-President
Catherine Bowman, Secretary / Treasurer of OSSDF

Cathy Bowman

Secretary Treasurer
Nikkie Price, Board Member at Large of OSSDF

Nikkie Price

Member at Large
Cathy Harris, Board Member at Large of OSSDF

Cathy Harris

Member at Large
Brianne Mauro, Board Member at Large of OSSDF

Brianne Mauro

Member at Large
Maddy Eby, Board Member at Large of OSSDF

Maddy Eby

Member at Large
Joanna Perlus, Teachers’ Council Convenor

Joanna Perlus

Teachers’ Council Convenor
Debra Kapp, Advocacy and Inclusion

Debra Kapp

OSSDF Advisor: Advocacy and Inclusion
board member


Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members

Performance Expectations of Board Members

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