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Land Acknowledgement

As an organization and settlers on this land known as Kanata and Kanadario, we are proud to acknowledge those who were on this land before us.

We live, teach and practice on land that has been inhabited by Indigenous peoples from the beginning. As settlers, we are grateful for the opportunity to reside here, and we thank all the generations of people who have taken care of this land for thousands of years. We acknowledge the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Ojibway/Chippewa, Haudenosaunee, Neutral peoples and many other Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island. Although this territory is covered by the Upper Canada Treatise, we acknowledge that we are also critical of the ways in which it has largely been breached by settlers and newcomers. We support the movement toward a renewed Indigenous sovereignty and deeply appreciate their historic connection to this place. We seek to learn more.

We also want to acknowledge Indigenous black people of colour and LGBTQ2+ who have been marginalized for centuries and our collective responsibility to take action for a better world that is free from oppression, discrimination and racism.

We encourage all who visit our site, interact with our organization and all Canadians to do the same. We have provided sources of information to provide a source of education and to pass on to others.

Origins of Land Names